Oldal kiválasztása



A smart watch designed by a sailor for sailors. The 40 mm steel case, with its elegant design and refined details, offers a modern look. The three buttons allow easy and intuitive navigation through the various functions.
The “rescue” mode allows you to send a distress signal, locate and search for a person requiring assistance.
The “time synchronization” function allows synchronized timing to be launched on multiple devices.
This completes the range of other functions available on the watch, GPS track of the day, altitude difference, instantaneous speed, stopwatch, countdown and GPS time. All these innovative features are the realization of the heritage of the high level nautical environment in which Timeon was designed.
This connected sports watch is presented with a special one-piece strap made of high resistance silicone. Thanks to its intuitive system of interchangeable straps, the user can change the style of the watch as they wish in a single gesture.

The color LCD screen, very readable even in direct sunlight, is protected by a 1 mm thick acrylic glass. The automatic detection of the ambient light allows a drastic reduction in the consumption of the watch.



Client: Timeon
Co-designer: Gábor Bálint, Ariel Lévay
Year: 2020