Oldal kiválasztása

Out of the bag


The “Out of the bag” – concept is a lightweight, mobile storage piece of furniture, reflecting on problematics of the temporary living, and (social) mobility. Target groups are connected by the temporariness of living in the same place such as short periods of tenancy. The concept’s core is the IKEA Frakta bag, which is already popular among the target group.

By stretching and re-conceptualizing this product, the set lends a fully developed piece of furniture within seconds, satisfying multiple needs. One of its most important merit is that this furniture, featuring spacious bags doesn’t need to be loaded in or out from when moving, therefore it is always ready to use. Hence the name “Out of the Bag”.

Photo: Andras Ladocsi
Consultant: Balazs Puspok DLA.
Year: 2016